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  • Get Azure Function AzureWebJobsDashboard Storage Usage Script

    Last week on the Twitter while checking I noticed a thread related to the Azure web job storage size. The issue is that the Azure storage used has grown tremendously, close to 2 TB. By default, this storage account is supposed to be used for storing checkpoints, trigger and metadata related to the functions, so […]

  • Restarting Knowledge Sharing

    Restarting Knowledge Sharing

    Happy New Year To Everyone, let your dreams get fulfilled in this year and stay safe and healthy. I used to write data related to technical articles to help the community. Most of us know I used to work primarily with SQL Server database and then moved to Azure Cloud technologies. I was awarded as […]

  • Azure Databricks Workspace Subnet CIDR Change

    It’s been a while I wrote a technical article in this blog. I was busy in too many things and didn’t get a chance to focus on this website. Saying that, I had a steep learning curve in Azure cloud & it’s related technologies. I’m happy that I wrote this article and got a chance […]

  • Dropping a Subscriber from AG Publisher

    Today one of my colleague reached out to me for an help to drop a subscriber from an publisher which is participating in Always On. We seen same behavior in UI and in T-SQL statement. As a start I was looking online for help to resolve this issue. I found an KB article from Microsoft […]

  • Provisioning Azure Cosmos DB using Powershell

    Provisioning Azure Cosmos DB using Powershell

    Azure Cosmos database is one of the NoSQL database that is available in Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure Cosmos db is getting more popular compared to other NoSQL databases in the cloud market so many organisations started using Cosmos database with their organization. When we started incorporating Cosmos database into our project we provisioned it […]