Welcome to SQL-Articles

This website is totally dedicated to SQL SERVER, a specific implementation of a relational database server from MICROSOFT.SQL server has been in the industry for the past three decades and has come a long way from SQL 1.0, SQL 7.0 through to SQL SERVER 2016. We also started digging out Azure related stuff and also market trending technology BigData and so on. Number of voluntary and involuntary DBAs , developers working on SQL databases keep ticking every day and the main intent of this website is to help and educate each of those out in the field and new database professionals starting their venture with the SQL server.

SQL-ARTICLES host’s number of good articles related to various SQL server features and helpful T-SQL scripts. Apart from this, the readers and users can ask us anything about SQL server in our FORUMS column. We would like to maintain this website as a SQL server knowledge base and a technical information exchange point. Come in, have a look and drench yourself in the rain of SQL SERVER.