Restarting Knowledge Sharing

Happy New Year To Everyone, let your dreams get fulfilled in this year and stay safe and healthy.

I used to write data related to technical articles to help the community. Most of us know I used to work primarily with SQL Server database and then moved to Azure Cloud technologies. I was awarded as MVP, and I was holding that title for few years. Later I travelled frequently and aligned to multiple clients where I was able to explore the cloud computing a lot. However, in the interest of time, I was unable to write more articles to share my knowledge. After all these years, I thought I will kick-start my knowledge sharing by starting with my blog again.

Thanks to all the readers who keep me motivating and requesting to start the blogging again. Hopefully, this year, I’m planning to write consistently. To begin with, I’m not planning to write many articles. However, I will definitely keep you engaged. Keep watching my space for more details.






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