Error: 7139, Severity: 16, State: 1

Last week in our company we have started facing some error while uploading documents to the table. We have an database in which we will be uploading all the documents related to the customers, when the user tries to upload the document he she gets the error message as shown below

Server: Msg 7139, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Length of text, ntext, or image data (200) to be replicated exceeds configured maximum 10.
The statement has been terminated.

When the document size is less than 50 KB it works fine, so we come to an conclusion that some SQL server setting is missing. Another thing is that this works fine in our development environment which again confused us. Only difference between our development and production server is that production is set to transactional replication. Finally we squared replication configuration and found that one of the server level replication setting is set to small value. max text repl size is the server level setting set to a small value of 64 KB, we then increased this value to 2147483647 (2 GB) and it started working fine. If you are facing similar problem just connect to the server and execute the query below to rectify the issue.

EXEC SP_CONFIGURE 'max text repl size', 2147483647





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    Can u please write an article on how to upload documents to sql server table.

    It will be really helpful , as this is something very new to me.

    Thanks ,

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