Tag: Replication

  • Dropping a Subscriber from AG Publisher

    Today one of my colleague reached out to me for an help to drop a subscriber from an publisher which is participating in Always On. We seen same behavior in UI and in T-SQL statement. As a start I was looking online for help to resolve this issue. I found an KB article from Microsoft…

  • Monitoring Replication using Scripts(Version 1.0)

    This script can be used to monitor replication using scripts instead of logging into the server and using replication monitor. It gives information on Transactional replication status.

  • Adding article to existing publication without generating a full snapshot

    This SP can be used to add articles to the existing publication without starting snapshot for all the tables. When Snapshot is started it will create snapshot only for the newly added article to the publication

  • Error: 7139, Severity: 16, State: 1

    Last week in our company we have started facing some error while uploading documents to the table. We have an database in which we will be uploading all the documents related to the customers, when the user tries to upload the document he she gets the error message as shown below

  • Validating Replication Subscriber using TSQL

    Last post from me on SQL Server replication was on How to validate subscribers in SQL Server Replication. This article shows how the same can be done using TSQL. sp_publication_validation: This system stored procedure does a validation for each and all articles in the specified publication in transactional replication. This stored procedure is executed against…