Prerequisites for Log Shipping

The following are the prerequisites to configure Log Shipping SQL 2005

1. SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition, or SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition must be installed on all server instances involved in log shipping.

2. The servers involved in log shipping should have the same case sensitivity settings.

3. Enable Remote connections to the server in SQL Server surface are configuration, by navigating to start menu—>All Program—>Microsoft SQL 2005—>Configuration tools—>Surface Area Configuration tool—>Select Surface Area configuration for Services and Connections option—>Select Remote Connections—>Select Local and Remote connections by using TCP and Named Pipes option or else you can also use local and remote connections using TCPIP only and click OK.




4. The SQL Services in both the primary and secondary server should be the same with same password.Preferably a domain account.

5. The DB to be log Shipped should be in Full Recovery or Bulk logged recovery model,so that T-logs can be applied,else you cannot configure log shipping.Use the below command to change the recovery model or else you can change in the SSMS by right clicking the DB properties.

Use Master
Alter Database DBName Set Recovery 'Recovery Model Name'

6. Shared folder should be created in Primary server to hold the tran log backups.

* Read/Write permission required —>For SQL service account of Primary for the tran log backup to be successful

* Read/Write permission required —>For SQL Agent account of Secondary for the copy job to be successful

* Read/Write permission required —>For SQL Service Account of Secondary for the restore job to be successful






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  1. prabhakaran avatar

    is it possible to enable logshipping on transactional replication subscriber database?

    1. VidhyaSagar avatar

      @Prabakaran – Yes you should be able to do it.

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