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  • Ten Steps to configure Log Shipping

    I have used 3 instances to configure log shipping and they are as follows, Deepak—>Primary DeepakSansu—>Secondary DeepakTest—>Monitor

  • Failover in SQL 2005 Log Shipping

    The most important aspect in Log Shipping is Failover. Lets discuss it detail ! ! ! If the primary server in Log Shipping becomes unavailable or if it is going to be down due to some manual intervention, DBA should immediately perform the following steps for failover.

  • Prerequisites for Log Shipping

    The following are the prerequisites to configure Log Shipping SQL 2005 1. SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition, or SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition must be installed on all server instances involved in log shipping. 2. The servers involved in log shipping should have the same case sensitivity settings.

  • Role Change in SQL 2005 Log Shipping

    In SQL 2000 where the role change was relatively easy through the use of stored procedures, unfortunately in SQL 2005 those SPs are no longer used and we have to perform the following steps to sync the secondary server with primary and then failover.

  • What is Log Shipping

    Log Shipping is one of the methods for creating a Standby server, by god forbidden if something happens to our production server we need a standby server and Microsoft has come up with this idea and introduced Log Shipping in SQL 2000 itself. But in SQL 2005 it has been enhanced further by making it…