Startup procedure to check SQL Server status when restarted

I’ve written a startup procedure to check SQL Server status when the SQL Server gets restarted. Most of the time as a DBA when a Server gets rebooted or SQL Services is restarted we need to make sure everything is fine in SQL server to make sure SQL server is running healthy. Some companies will have budget to buy a monitoring tool, so that all these things will be taken care by that tool. This small procedure will help the DBA’s to know the status of SQL Server in HTML format through mail when it’s restarted.

Applies to:

  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server 2008


  • Xp_cmdshell procedure should be in enabled state
  • A database mail profile should be configured as default profile (else you need to provide this profile information inside the procedure)


    This script will monitor the below parameters in SQL Server.
  • SQL Server Uptime
  • SQL Server Service Status
  • SQL Server Agent Status
  • Database(s) status
  • Authentication mode
Procedure Name : serverstartup
Written By : Vidhya Sagar
USE master
CREATE PROC serverstartup
IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM tempdb..sysobjects where name ='##sqlservice')
DROP TABLE ##sqlservice
CREATE TABLE ##sqlservice (details VARCHAR(100))
IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM tempdb..sysobjects where name ='##agentservice')
DROP TABLE ##agentservice
CREATE TABLE ##agentservice (details VARCHAR(100))
DECLARE @sname VARCHAR(100), @starttime VARCHAR(30)
DECLARE @authmode VARCHAR(25), @subject VARCHAR(250)
DECLARE @insname VARCHAR(50),@agentname VARCHAR(50)
DECLARE @sqlstatus VARCHAR(100), @agentstatus VARCHAR(100)
DECLARE @dbstatus VARCHAR(100), @dbdetail VARCHAR(2000)
SELECT @authmode=case SERVERPROPERTY('IsIntegratedSecurityOnly') when 1 then 'Windows' else 'Mixed' end
SELECT @starttime=CONVERT(VARCHAR(30),create_date,109) from sys.databases where database_id=2
IF (serverproperty('InstanceName')) IS NOT NULL
SET @insname='mssql$'+CONVERT(VARCHAR(40),serverproperty('InstanceName'))
SET @agentname='sqlagent$'+CONVERT(VARCHAR(40),serverproperty('InstanceName'))
SET @insname='mssqlserver'
SET @agentname='sqlserveragent'
SELECT @sctsql='EXEC master.dbo.xp_cmdshell ''sc query '+@insname+' | FIND "STATE"'''
INSERT ##sqlservice
EXEC (@sctsql)
SELECT @sctsql='EXEC master.dbo.xp_cmdshell ''sc query '+@agentname+' | FIND "STATE"'''
INSERT ##agentservice
EXEC (@sctsql)
IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM ##sqlservice WHERE details LIKE '%RUNNING%')
SET @sqlstatus = 'Running'
SET @sqlstatus = '<font color="red">Not Running</font>'
IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM ##agentservice WHERE details LIKE '%RUNNING%')
SET @agentstatus = 'Running'
SET @agentstatus = '<font color="red">Not Running</font>'
IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM sys.databases WHERE state_desc<>'ONLINE')
SET @dbstatus= '<font color="red">Some of the database(s) are offline</font>'
SELECT @dbdetail = '<table border="1"><tr><th>Database Name</th><th>Database Status</th></tr><tr>'
SELECT @dbdetail = @dbdetail + '<td  align="Center">' + name + '</td><td  align="Center">'+state_desc+'</td></tr></table>' FROM sys.databases WHERE state_desc<>'ONLINE'
SET @dbdetail = ''
SET @dbstatus='All databases are online'
SET @subject=@sname+' : SQL Server is restarted. Please Check'
SET @HTML='<h3>'+@sname+'</h3><br>'+'<table border="1"><tr><th>SQL Server Startup time</th><th>SQL Server Service</th><th>SQL Agent Service</th> <th>Database(s) Status</th><th>Authentication Mode</th></tr><tr><td align="Center">'+
@starttime+'</td><td align="Center">'+@sqlstatus+'</td><td align="Center">'+@agentstatus+'</td><td align="Center">'+@dbstatus+'</td><td align="Center">'+@authmode+'</td></tr></table><br><br>'+@dbdetail
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
@recipients ='',
@body =@HTML,
@body_format ='HTML'
---Enabling startup parameter for that procedure
EXEC sp_procoption 'serverstartup','startup',True

In the script above there are two parameters that need to be taken care by the implementer.

  • WAITFOR – I’ve used this command since this is the time for the database to get into steady state i.e. roll back and roll forward time. If the database is in huge size then the roll back or roll forward will take some time, you need to adjust this value based on the time its taking. By default I’ve set this value to 2 min.
  • Mail Recipients – You need to provide the email address to whom the alert mail need to be delivered. In the script above I’ve used my hotmail ID. Please change this to your mail ID. If you don’t have a default mail profile, then use @profile_name parameter in the mail procedure to use the correct mail profile.


Let’s test the script developed. Since the script is marked for startup when ever SQL Server is restarted this procedure will run and provide the health check status for SQL Server to the mail recipients given in the script.

  • When Everything is normal and running fine.


  • In this case I’ve stopped SQL Agent service, lets check the alert mail. You can find SQL Agent status as not running.


  • Now lets make a database to emergency mode. I’ve created a new database named EMERGENCY_TEST and made it to emergency mode. From the mail below you can check that you can get the db details too.


I’m sharing this procedure since some of the DBA’s might use this procedure to simplify their process.

Your comments are suggestions are always welcomed to improve me better.





5 responses to “Startup procedure to check SQL Server status when restarted”

  1. avatar

    Script sends report as “Not Running” for services when run using sp_procoption . When run manually, it returns actual status. Did i miss something. Please help.

    1. VidhyaSagar avatar

      I’ll check this out and get back to you.

      1. kiran avatar

        Hi Sagar,

        Nice script but it sends the report as Services ‘Not Running’ in the report after a restart occurs.


        1. VidhyaSagar avatar

          Not sure mate, its working fine for me.

          Let me give a try with difference scenario. In the mean time can you let me know which version are you working and what scenario are you testing?

  2. Eben Raja avatar
    Eben Raja

    Hi Vidhya Sagar
    This could be a late reply to an past post, but this article was very interesting and i was trying to get this start up procedured implemented on my system that runs with 2014 as well as 2012.
    My challenge here is
    On stopping SQL server agent alone am not getting the individual service stopped alert, i am getting the same alert that says SQL server service service and sql server agent service is Not running.
    Ideally as you have showcased one should still say that its running when we stop one of the service alone
    As well is there an alternate way like an create credential to navigate away from using the xp_cmd shell.
    Any help you can assist with is appreciated

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