Category: Scripts

  • Get Azure Function AzureWebJobsDashboard Storage Usage Script

    Last week on the Twitter while checking I noticed a thread related to the Azure web job storage size. The issue is that the Azure storage used has grown tremendously, close to 2 TB. By default, this storage account is supposed to be used for storing checkpoints, trigger and metadata related to the functions, so…

  • Batch Script to Deploy Multiple SQL files (Version 2)

    I took very long break to keep the site up to date with my learning. Few years back I wrote an article to deploy multiple scripts using batch files. Refer for the older version in command prompt. Thanks for all the users and lot of comments for improvements.

  • Backup Report

    I was working on one the project and they were looking for a backup report which should specify whether it’s physical or logical and few more details. Whatever data I fetched looks good and I felt the same can be helpful for you guys to pull it as a report. If you need any more…

  • Identify Orphan Users in All the databases

    There are lot of scripts available in the internet to find orphan users across the database. This will be my version fo script to find out orphan users in all the databases excluding system databases.

  • Identify Null Columns and Data Null Columns

    I saw an interesting question in Facebook group. It’s all related to NULL values.. How to identify NULLable columns in a table and column with data as NULL. I thought of searching it in internet and pointing him to the link but I couldn’t get a reliable post to point it to the user so…