July 2011 UG presentation Material

We had wonderful session this month. I reached the venue on time and I could see some of the participants and after some time everyone started reaching the venue. I really appreciate all the participants who came to the session , it’s really nice to see you guys. I have started my session and then followed by Amit Bansal and then by Madhi. Surprising we had a volunteer speaker who wanted to take a 10 min session.

RamKumar is the guy who volunteered for taking the session, we granted him a 10 min space and he took SQL Server myth and realities. That’s also a good session. I really wanted to thank Amit Bansal who volunteered to take a session for the UG event. Thanks to Madhi and Ramkumar too. I’m uploading the presentations and scripts which we shown during the session, you can download and play with it.

Troubleshooting Tempdb and Best Practices by VIDHYASAGAR

All about Date time data type by MADHIVANAN

Database Unit Testing by AMIT BANSAL

SQL Server Myth and Realities by RAM KUMAR

I’m sharing some of the pics which we took during our session. And again thanks to you guys.



Update: Write up from Ram is here. http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/livingforsqlserver/archive/2011/08/07/chennai-sql-server-user-group-and-me.aspx





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