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  • February 2013 UG Meet

    Thanks to all the participants who came to Jan 2013 UG meeting, we are happy to see you all and hope the same continues to Feb UG meeting. This month UG meet is scheduled on 23rd . Please pass this information to your colleagues and friends who are interested to learn SQL Server. We would…

  • January 2013 UG Meeting

    Advance New Year wishes to everyone , wonderful year is awaiting for you. We have planned our next UG meet on 19th Jan 2013. This is the first session which we are going to have it the year 2013. We need all your support to continue the UG session through out 2013 as we did…

  • December 2012 UG Presentation Material

    This time Ram has covered the UG! All of them have learned something on SQL internals especially on the SQLOS part.

  • December 2012 UG Meeting Scheduled

    It’s time for December month UG.  UG is  going to be conducted on 15th December 2012 between 09:30 AM to 01:00 PM. Please feel free to pass this information to all your colleagues \ friends and those who are interested in SQL Server. It’s a free session so you are most welcome to the session

  • November 2012 UG Presentation Materials

    This time the event is totally taken care by Ram. Unfortunately me and Madhi are stuck with some work so we are not able to turn up for the event. Hope Ram has filled 3 hours with transaction log internals.