Deploying Data Tier Application (DAC) Package

Last week I wrote an article for Creating DAC packages. Today I’m going to cover how to deploy a DAC package. It’s very easy  for the DBA’s to deploy the DAC in few clicks that means in few clicks database implementation will get completed, it’s as simple as like that. I’m going to use the DAC package which I created last week. To deploy a DAC package proceed the steps below

  • Connect to SQL Server Database Engine using SSMS
  • Right click on the server, you can find the option “Deploy Data-tier application” as shown below


  • Once you clicked deploying window gets popped up as shown below with introduction screen, click next to proceed


  • Now you have the option to select the DAC package, this package will be provided by the developers for deployment. Select that package, it will show the name and properties as shown below


  • After selecting the package click next to validate the policies (if you have included anything during creation). In this example if you remember I’ve added a policy check to make sure we have Enterprise edition installed, I’m running this deployment in Enterprise Trail edition hence I got a error however I still proceeded skipping it as shown below


  • In the next screen it will ask you for creating the database. You can specify the dbname and path for new database creation as shown below


  • In the next screen it will give you the summary of the deployment as shown below, cross check it and click next to deploy the DAC


  • In this screen you can get the progress of deployment, after successful deployment click on finish to close the wizard.


So my deployment is completed with few clicks, let me check the deployment. From the screenshot below you can see the objects I’ve added to DAC package. Thus this feature is really helpful for SQL deployment and it’s no more time consuming deployment for DBA’s.


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