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  • Creating Oracle Linked Server in SQL Server

    I wrote multiple articles on heterogeneous linked server which helped user to connect to Sybase , SQL Server & MySQL RDBMS platforms. However I missed creating Oracle linked server , many users responded to write an article on this so I decided to complete it. As you know when you create a heterogeneous linked server […]

  • AWE option no longer available in SQL Server 2012

    AWE (Addressing Windows Extension) is one of the know server configuration to everyone. This parameter allows SQL Server to access large amount of memory in 32 bit machines. However MS decided to depreciate this configuration in SQL Server 2012 (Denali) . I hope this is the first step towards depreciating all 32 bit SQL server […]

  • Deploying Data Tier Application (DAC) Package

    Last week I wrote an article for Creating DAC packages. Today I’m going to cover how to deploy a DAC package. It’s very easy  for the DBA’s to deploy the DAC in few clicks that means in few clicks database implementation will get completed, it’s as simple as like that. I’m going to use the […]

  • Creating a Data Tier Application (DAC) Package

    In previously article I’ve covered what is DAC package and how it helps during deployment. In this article I’m going we are going to see how can we create a new data tier application (DAC) package for deployment. All SQL Server related objects can be included in this package for deployment, this includes both database […]

  • New DMV’s in SQL Server 2011 aka Denali

    Denali CTP3 is already released and we have new DMV’s accompanied with this version which will be very useful for us. I’m going to cover the DMV that are all generic and not to a specific feature of Denali, I’ll will cover those DMV’s while writing article on that feature. There are around 8 DMV’s […]