Dropping a Subscriber from AG Publisher

Today one of my colleague reached out to me for an help to drop a subscriber from an publisher which is participating in Always On. We seen same behavior in UI and in T-SQL statement. As a start I was looking online for help to resolve this issue. I found an KB article from Microsoft which describes this is an known issue and fixed in the below versions of SQL Server.
*) SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU1 and above
*) SQL Server 2017 RTM CU7 and above

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Batch Script to Deploy Multiple SQL files (Version 2)

I took very long break to keep the site up to date with my learning. Few years back I wrote an article to deploy multiple scripts using batch files. Refer http://sql-articles.com/scripts/batch-script-to-deploy-multiple-sql-files/ for the older version in command prompt. Thanks for all the users and lot of comments for improvements.

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Provisioning Azure Cosmos DB using Powershell

Azure Cosmos database is one of the NoSQL database that is available in Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure Cosmos db is getting more popular compared to other NoSQL databases in the cloud market so many organisations started using Cosmos database with their organization. When we started incorporating Cosmos database into our project we provisioned it manually and continued with the development. Continue reading “Provisioning Azure Cosmos DB using Powershell”