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  • Running Adhoc queries against multiple servers using SSMS 2008

    Getting information from multi servers for a query is a big process for DBAs and we don’t have a direct option available till SQL 2008 Client tools. We need to write our own manual batch file to execute the query against all the server to fetch the information. In SQL Server 2008 management studio MS…

  • Activity Monitor

    Activity monitor has been refreshed in SQL Server 2008 Management studio. Microsoft has recoded the activity monitor written for SQL 2005 to provide more information on SQL Server processes and how these processes affect the current instance of SQL Server. The first change which I experienced is the real time graphical view of processes, CPU…

  • Intellisence

    What is Intellisense? IntelliSense is Microsoft’s implementation of auto completion, best known for its use in the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment. This feature is now included in SQL Server 2008 and this is available from SSMS 2008. When this feature is enabled it will auto complete functions, syntax, database names etc.