September 2009 Month Meeting Scheduled

We are back again for this months UG session. We have a slight change in timing for this week UG due to non-availability of conference room at our usual timings.

Venue: Microsoft Training centre, Radhakrishnan Salai
Landmark: Opposite to President hotel
Timings: 9:30AM to 12:30PM
Date: September 19th 2009

Please register for the sessions using the following URL,
<<Registration Closed>>


Session details are as follows:

#1. Introduction about Indexes and Effective Indexing

Speaker – Deepak Rangarajan
Duration – 90 minutes

Most of the DBA’s who are involved in performance tuning need to know when to use an index and what type of index will be helpful for a query. This session will covers about what is an index and index types etc. When to use which index and how can we effectively use an index to cover a query. Difference between an index seek, scan etc and a glance through the SQL Server execution plan.

We’ll have a 15 minute break and refreshments will be provided by us.


#2. Data Compression & Effects of Auto-Shrinking

Speaker – Vidhya Sagar
Duration – 75 minutes

How is compression done internally, what type of algorithms are used etc are covered. Along with that we’ll be covering another topic named Auto-Shrinking and whats the effect of this setting on the database.


Contact persons:

Vidhya Sagar –
Deepak –





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