September 2012 UG Presentation Materials

It’s a rainy day and I was preparing my presentation for the event. Almost it’s 8.30 and I couldn’t see the sun it’s still raining so I thought participants may come or will come late. Keeping this in mind I was starting from home little late, in the mean time I called Ram to check whether he is coming, to my surprise he is almost reached there.

At around 9.30 AM I got a call from the security that participants are already came there and waiting for the session, I was really felt good that participants are really interested to learn and share their knowledge with us. So I started by that time from home, Ram has started his session with locking and then he handed it over to me. I took my topic on Filetable and Columnstore index then the last session is taken by T-SQL star Madhivanan. After his session it’s around 2 o clock and we had some discussion with the participants. I would like to hear feedback from the participants so that we can improve where ever we lag and will build a better networking community for SQL Server.

I would like to thank all the participants who came there for the event irrespective of the worst weather conditions. We got some feedback on the session and the topics they are interested to attend. We are working on that and will take the topics whenever possible. If you aren’t already registered with or please do register to get regular updates on events.

You can download the presentations from the link below

What’s Filetable & Columnstore indexes in SQL Server 2012? by VidhyaSagar
Locks and Locking Mechanism in SQL Server  by Ram
SQL Server 2012 T-SQL New features explained by Madhivanan

Thanks to Jawad for sharing me the picture.

Hope to see you guys in the next month session.


5 responses to “September 2012 UG Presentation Materials”

  1. Fayyaz Rafeeque avatar
    Fayyaz Rafeeque

    Can we get the scripts also for the session on locks and locking mechanism?

    1. VidhyaSagar avatar

      Fayyaz, I have uploaded the scripts in the same link, download the zip file which has presentation and scripts

      1. Fayyaz Rafeeque avatar
        Fayyaz Rafeeque

        Thank You.

  2. Vignesh R avatar
    Vignesh R

    Hi Everyone !!

    The Sep’12 CSSUG meet was very helpful to learn new concepts.
    A Special thanks to all the Presentors.

    It’s almost the month end now & we are eagerly looking out to the Scheduled date for Oct’12 CSSUG meet.

    So bring it up soon 🙂

    1. VidhyaSagar avatar

      @Vignesh – We are back with next month schedule. Please get register yourself @

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