Community Tech Days (CTD)

Yesterday Vidhya Sagar and Deepak have presented SQL Server Query tuning topic in Community Tech days. Community TechDays is a 11-city Roadshow conducted by the technology community in India on a quarterly basis for Developers, Infrastructure Professionals, Architects, Project Managers and Students.. This is the second time they have conducting this event in Chennai. We have huge number of audiences compared to last time. Almost 1000 registrations were done and we got 400 participants right there. It was a good experience meeting everyone and we had a nice time. Most of them requested us to post the presentation and scripts in our websites, so Im sharing the content with you folks. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or comments . Hopefully we are expecting everyone in the next community tech days .

Download the presentation

Download the Script




From Left (Deepak, Ravi, Rama, Vidhya Sagar)

A special thanks to Mr. Jacob, Mr. Ravi, Mr. Vinod and Mr. Rama for introducing us to CTD and providing an opportunity in CTD.






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