Category: Reporting Services

  • How to Rename Your existing Report Server Database

    Have you ever faced in a scenario where you are required to rename existing database. While dealing with one my client I have installed reporting server and during RS configuration I’ve chosen the default settings while creating the database so it created the reporting server dbname as ReportServer and ReportServerTempdb and RS working fine.

  • Download Export RDL files from Report Server

    Few days back I was working with one of my colleague with reporting service. I dont have much exposure to RS however its a simple task, he asked me to download a RDL file from the report server, we are using RS2005 and couldnt find download or export button which is supposed to be in…

  • Ten Minutes to configure Reporting Services 2008

    In my previous webcast we have seen how to install reporting services 2008. Here is my next webcast on configuring reporting services 2008.

  • Installing SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

    In this webcast we are going to install SQL Server reporting services 2008. Watch the video and post your feed back incomments.

  • Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services

    In my previous article we have covered installing reporting service. The next step in reporting service is to configure them according to your environment. There are many options are available in reporting service configuration. You need to configure all these values with respect to your environment. There are two ways to configure reporting service a.)…