Systray Utility to check SQL Server Service

I have developed this utility to monitor the instances of SQL Server running in a machine (i.e only standalone and not remote machines) and to send failure mail alerts upon service status. When I tried this type of systray utility in internet I could find only utilities that are monitoring the service and not sending any alerts on failures, so Ive decided to add this feature in this. I hope this small utility could help you a lot.


Depends on three condition the systray icon will gets changed, If all the SQL Services are running then you can find a green play icon, if any of the SQL services is down then you can see a orange play icon, if all the SQL Services are down then you can find red stop icon as shown below.

Status Icon
All the instances are running systray1
One of the instances is down (in stopped state) systray2
All the instances are down (in stopped state) systray3


  • Make sure you have installed .Net 3.5 framework in the machine

Version : 1.0

How to use

Its very simple to use this utility

  • Just add this utility to your system startup, so that whenever your system gets restarted this will sit in systray and monitor SQL Services for you.
  • Open the utility, go to settings tab and configure your mail profile (if needed), thats it.

How to Configure

  • Right click on the utility and click on open as shown below



  • Now the utility gets opened as shown below


  • To update the mail profile settings just click on settings tab and click on edit button , in this tab you can find all the details related to mail profile and each text box is self descriptive.


  • If you enable the check box then you will get the mail alerts else the settings will be saved.


  • Once you are done, just click on save button, thats it. Now on you will get mail alerts continuously until the service gets started.

Sample Mail Alert


Download the Program HERE





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