SQL Server 2016 – Tempdb Configuration During Installation

After couple of years I’m started playing around the pre release packages. Today I installed Windows Server 2016 Technical preview release 3 and SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.4 in my machine to play around the upcoming release.

Almost the installation wizard is same as earlier version but there are two things which i found new.

  • Polybase Query Service for External Data

This allows SQL Server to query external polybase technologies including Hadoop. When you enable this it will create 3 new databases as shown below. We will discuss in later articles about these 3 new databases.


  • Tempdb Database Configuration during setup

As a DBA the first step after installing SQL Server is to setup as per the company policy and to deploy the best practices. In SQL Server 2016 installation I could see a seperate tab create in database configuration to configure tempdb databases. Cool!!

However I feel like instead of just providing the initial file size and number of files the wizard should analyze the existing core \ processors in the server and then it has to suggest the number of files and file sizes for tempdb database. This will be the appropriate method and the suggestion from the setup.. DBAs will be happy if they come up with some suggestions like that during setup.

Created a Connect ID. https://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/1921293/tempdb-files-configuration-suggestion. It will be great if you can vote for this so that they can add this functionality.


More SQL Server 2016 articles in queue!!





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