Basic Slipstream Setup

In my previous article Ive posted about slipstream and we have discussed about its methods. In this article Im going to write about creating basic slipstream setup in SQL Server 2008. In this method you will be merging the service pack with the base setup at the time of installation. This method is very simple and straight forward. The merged setup package cannot be reused and its valid only for that particular (single) installation.

Steps for Creating Slipstream Setup

  • Make sure below softwares installed in the system before proceeding to it since this is the pre-requisite for basic slipstream creation. These setup files are included in the base setup package (in DVD)*) DotNet Framework 3.5 with SP1
    *) Windows Installer 4.5
  • Download the service pack from Microsoft website that matches to your installation architecture, lets say x86, x64 or IA64
  • Extract the service pack content to a folder, syntax for extraction is below (you can also use winrar or winzip to extract the content) ServicePack_FileName.exe /x:\Path to Extract
    eg.) SQLServer2008_SP1_x86.exe /x:C:\SQL2008SP1
  • Run the service pack setup and install Setup Support Files only, as an alternate to install the setup support file is to browse to the extracted folder as below and run sqlsupport.msifileExtracted PathArchitecturesetup1033
    eg.) C:SQL2008SP1x86setup1033
  • Now run the base setup from DVD specifying PCUSource parameter pointing to the extracted path

X:Setup.exe /PCUSource=C:\SQL2008SP1

Thats it, now the installation will start as normal, complete it and you can find SQL 2008 is installed with SP1.


Now Im going to do this as an example. In this example Ill be using x86 version of SQL Server 2008 Developer edition.

  • .Net 3.5 SP1 and Windows Installer 4.5 is already installed in my box
  • Ive downloaded x86 version of service pack 1 and saved it in C:Temp folder
  • Now Im going to extract the service pack content to C:SQL2008SP1 folder


  • Ive executed sqlsupport.msi file to install setup support files and it completed successfully.
  • Ive my base developer edition setup copied to I:SQL2K8 path, Im going to run the setup now specifying the PCUSource parameter. In the screenshots below you can see that slipstream details is shown, so once the installation is completed your system is ready with SQL Server 2008 SP1







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