Overview of Upgrade Advisor Utility

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor is a tool you can use to prepare for upgrades to SQL Server 2005. Upgrade Advisor analyzes installed SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 7.0 components, and then generates a report that identifies issues that you must or should address to before or after upgrading to SQL Server 2005.

When you run Upgrade Advisor, the Upgrade Advisor Home page appears. From the Home page, you can launch the following tools:

* Upgrade Advisor Analysis Wizard

* Upgrade Advisor Report Viewer

* Upgrade Advisor Help


Upgrade Advisor Analysis

Upgrade Advisor analyzes the following SQL Server components:

* Database Engine

* Analysis Services

* Notification Services

* Reporting Services

* Data Transformation Services, which is now called SQL Server Integration Services

A dedicated analyzer runs within the context of Upgrade Advisor for each SQL Server component. The analysis examines objects accessible to the individual analyzers, such as scripts, stored procedures, triggers, and trace files. Upgrade Advisor cannot analyze desktop applications and encrypted stored procedures.

The output of each individual analyzer is an XML report for that component. View the XML report using the Upgrade Advisor report viewer.

Installing Upgrade Advisor

How to use Upgrade Advisor





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