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Steps to configure SQL server Availability Groups in DENALI

In this blog post I will drive you through configurations steps required (with GUI screens) to successfully implement SQL server’s new high availability option called “ALWAYSON” aka HADR .

If you haven’t read more about Always ON or Availability groups in SQL server code named “Denali” version, here are some articles that I would recommend you read before using this blog post to configure SQL server’s new and cool feature.

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ColumnStore Index

What’s this?
Columnstore index is a new type of index available from the future release of SQL Server known as Denali aka SQL Server 2011. Columnstore index helps data warehouse queries to execute faster than the normal indexes.This index is suited if the volume of data is high and same type of query is used to retrieve the data. Columnstore index is read-only hence DML statements are not possible on the base table hence no OLTP tables please.

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Adding Startup parameter made easy in Denali

You folks might have already know that a new version of SQL Server is on the way to market. Right now beta version of SQL Denali (aka SQL Server 2011) is released. In this version addition of startup parameter is made easy and effort less. In previous version we will be adding it in a text box separating each entry with semi colon(;) . There is a chance that we might miss that semi colon and it will result in SQL server startup failure. To over come this in this version they have made it simple by adding the parameter in a list. To add or modify startup parameter try the below steps

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