The Unhealthy Argument

This post of mine is 100 percent a personal opinion and was written not to hurt anyone.

Off late, I have been hearing or knowing incidents which have involved 2 or more persons going into an argument on deciding which technology is the best is it WINDOWS or UNIX, ORACLE or SQL SERVER, .Net or JAVA, IE or Chrome, etc. There are few incidents that came to my notice which I would like to share with you all.

1. This was between friends of mine who worked in my previous company; they both work in the same team providing support to one of their clients. One is an ORACLE DBA and other is SQL Server DBA. They have argued hardly to decide which Database systems is the best and have ended up criticizing Larry Ellison and Bill Gates.

2. The next is between the web browsers, I have read a numerous articles in the blogs and other websites saying IE is the best or Chrome is the best or Firefox is the best, etc. The same has happened between my known persons where they have ended using abusive languages. I am sorry to say this, but when people lose temper that is the end result.

3. Again, between my old colleagues, about WINDOWS or UNIX, each of them have had strong points to prove that they work on the latest technology of the server side Operating systems but failed to convince others. Thank God, NO blows or words were exchanged in the incident.

Now, let me come to say this, each technology or application is designed for a purpose and has its own pros and cons with it. Thanks to my patience in the recent past that I have not had such an Unhealthy Argument like this. In my opinion, a Database or an Operating system is chosen with the needs of the application or the system to be designed. It comes as a decision on that has to be compatible with the end application to be designed. The architect who decides on what needs to be used is not a biased person, he/she knows that he has to be committed to his company’s core business values and chooses one deciding on it.

So, people going forth I request each of you not to have a discussion or argument to decide which the best is. We all work on the latest technologies of what we have now and should be proud that most of us are redefining technology that has got us in the past.

Again, this is a personal opinion and was written not to hurt anyone. Thanks for taking time to read this blog. Your comments on the same are welcome.






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