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    1. I’m new DBA, I would like to know how to identify the servive accounts for all SQL server in my company by scripts or SSMS?

      Thank you.

      1. You will need to identify the list of SQL Server first and then run a query to read service accounts. You can find similar in scripts section wiht topic “Server Details”

  1. Nice article. I have a question. How I can check that my user account has previlieages to use Full Text Services on hosting server. My hosting server is SQL 2005
    If I can, then plz let me know the STEPS to follow for Enabling FTS on my database.

  2. I have created a Windows Authentication SQL Login for service account. But unable to login via SSMS using this service account. Could you please guide on this?

    1. Thanks for reading the article. This article is for old version of SQL Server but it should similar for the new versions as well.

      Is SQL Server service is running?
      What error are you getting when you try to connect with the account?

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