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  • SSIS 2014 Execution Error while validating Script Component

    It’s been so long after my last article. Looks like I been lazy for few years now 🙂 I assume lot of people using  SSIS package deployment utility after they support project deployment model. I always use the ispac for easier deployment though it doesn’t support environments variables in deployment. Today we deployed a project to our environment…

  • SSIS Error Code 0xC02092B4

    I was working on a SSIS package in SQL 2014 which was working there without any issues. Due to few factors we need to downgrade to work in SQL Server 2008 R2 for few months. I developed the packages in SQL 2008 BIDS and deployed. No changes done to any of the database objects as…

  • SQL 2012 DTA Engine Crashes on Windows 8

    Question: Some time back I wrote an article on the new feature that’s added to SQL Server 2012 DTA (database tuning advisor). I have installed SQL Server 2012 on Windows 8 operating system. When I started testing plan cache analysis using DTA , it crashes abruptly with the error message below

  • Enable \ Disable Trace flags in SQL Server

    Trace flags are required for temporary purpose to analyze server level characteristics or behaviors during a course of action. It helps the DBA \ developers to troubleshoot the server. I’m not going deep into trace flag as this article I’m going to cover how to enable or disable trace flag for an instance of SQL…

  • Unusual Backup Error in SQL Server

    You might be wondering what is happening in your SQL Server when you see the error message given below. Its all simple, you need not panic.