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  • SQL 2005 Transaction Replication

    I have an existing publication with 10 articles configured for Transactional replication. The replication is running fine. Now I wish to add another table (article) to this publication. My requirement is to ensure that I dont need to generate a snapshot of all the articles being published, if I add a single article only that…

  • Schema changes in SQL Server 2005 Transactional Replication

    Schema changes will be replicated by default. I am adding a column named street to the table Address using the below command,

  • Transactional Replication

    This article teaches you how to set up transactional replication using wizards and scripts. In most cases, youll set up the initial publication and subscribers using wizards; however, if you need to apply the same publication in multiple environments, youll appreciate the option of applying the scripts as opposed to going through wizards time and…

  • Transactional Replication – Configure Subscriber

    Unlike previous versions, of SQL Server 2005 allows you to use the same wizard to create either pull or push subscriptions. Perform the below steps to Configure Subscriber

  • Transactional Replication – Configure Publication

    Once youve configured a distributor, youre ready to create publications. Perform the below steps as follows, Step1 : Connect to an instance (Sansu) of SQL Server by using the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), navigate to the “replication” folder then local publications folder, right-click this folder, and select New Publication. This invokes the new publication…