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  • How to do Table Partitioning to an existing source table

    In this article we are going to see how to partition a existing table in a database. In my working place I got a request from client to partition an existing table, I have searched in BOL but couldnt find the exact detail how to do it. Ive figured out that and Implemented successfully, Im…

  • Data Partitioning

    Introduction: This article takes introduces you to the concept of data partitioning in SQL server 2005. It also gives you an example of how to start from the scratch and also how to partition an already existing table.

  • How Partitioned table works

    Partitioning is nothing but dividing of datas according to the requirement to improve query performance. Consider you are having a table with large number of datas. Here in table partitioning we are going to implement horizontal partition, where the rows in the table will be based on one the column in table.