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  • Query Editor – Azure Portal

    An interesting new tool (in preview) added to Azure SQL database. Now Azure portal provides flexibility to query azure sql database from a browser!! Interesting! you can simply connect to Azure portal from any browser, view the database and then launch this tool to get connected to the database.  When you are in support this is…

  • Always Encrypted – An Over View – Part 1

    Always encrypted is a new feature introduced to encrypt the  in rest as well as during transport. It’s been quite long time the feature has been released to general public. In this encryption method the encryption will be done at the client side. Encryption keys can be stored in Azure vault, Windows certificate store in client server or in hardware module.…

  • SQL Azure – Dynamic Data Masking

    Yesterday i covered what’s data masking and how can we implement in SQL Server 2016. Today I would like to continute the same topic in SQL Azure.

  • SQL Server 2016 – Dynamic Data Masking

    SQL Server 2016 – Dynamic Data Masking

    One of the new feature that’s being developed with SQL Server 2016. If you are a DBA then you will like this feature very much. In the real world when you move the data from production to development or uat server we are supposed to obfuscate the data so that the developer wont see the…

  • Identify Orphan Users in All the databases

    There are lot of scripts available in the internet to find orphan users across the database. This will be my version fo script to find out orphan users in all the databases excluding system databases.