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  • Installing SQL Server 2012

    This might be a simple article for the intermediate folks, however I would like to show you the screen’s in SQL Server 2012 installation. As far as I know the setup is similar to the one which we did for SQL Server 2008 R2, there are some additions to the installation part. Before jumping into…

  • How to change Server Collation in SQL Server 2005

    In this article we are going to discuss about changing SQL Server 2005 collation at serverlevel. While installing SQL Server 2005 we may miss to choose the right collation and we need to rectify this by changing the collation at serverlevel. You can change the collation of sql server without uninstalling. Lets discuss the necessary…

  • Installing SQL Server 2008

    Microsoft has released its RTM version of SQL server 2008 on August 06th 2008. Hope we are ready for next migration, this article will help you to install SQL server 2008.