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  • SPARSE Column

    Happy New Year My dear Friends It’s  been a long this feature has been released however I just got an opportunity to check it out. This feature is released in SQL Server 2008 version. Sparse columns are normal columns which will store NULL values in a optimized storage which means no storage space is taken…

  • Conversion Functions – SQL Server Denali

    Microsoft released 3 new conversion function in SQL Server Denali. In which two functions will tell you whether the action is possible the third one will give you the result. Below are the three  conversion functions Try_Convert Parse Try_Parse

  • CHOOSE Function – SQL Server Denali

    SQL Server Denali comes with one more new logical function which helps to pull data at the specified index from a list of values. CHOOSE() is the function that’s been added. Again this function exists in Access , so if you migrate the db from Access there is no need to rewrite your query using…

  • IIF function – SQL Server Denali

    IIF function is new to SQL Server Denali however if you worked with MS Access then you are familiar with this function. So if you are upgrading a database from Access to SQL Server Denali you don’t need to worry about rewriting the IIF function queries. IIF function will evaluate the expression and it will…

  • DATEFROMPARTS function – SQL Server Denali

    Yesterday we discussed about time function, today we are going to see DATEFROMPARTS function which is new in SQL Server Denali. It will return a date value for the specified year, month and day.  All the arguments should be valid else error is thrown, if you have NULL value in argument then NULL is returned.