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  • Restoring from Database Snapshot

    Assume you had dropped some records from your database but prior to dropping it you have taken a snapshot of you db, so the snapshots come handy in such scenarios. You can restore back the records from this snapshot as shown in the below figure,

  • Uses of Database Snapshot

    The following are the important usage of snapshots namely,

  • How Database Snapshot Works

    Its essential that a DBA understands what happens when a snapshot is created. The following process happens, Database snapshots operate at the data-page level. Before a page of the source database is modified for the first time, the original page is copied from the source database to the snapshot. This process is called a copy-on-write…

  • Database Snapshot

    What is a Database Snapshot? * The Database Snapshot is a new feature that is available in Enterprise edition of SQL Server 2005. * It provides a read-only, static view of a database. * Multiple snapshots can exist for a single database on the same server instance as the database.

  • Pros and Cons of Database Snapshot

    The following are the advantages and disadvantages of database snapshot.