Category: Scripts

  • Index fragmentation Report

    I had to prepare the list of tables having more than 60% fragmentation. I wrote this query to get those information. The below query will give the list of all the fragmented tables in a particular database having more than 60% fragmentation. This will work for SQL 2005 and beyond.

  • Function to Split Comma separated string to Integer

    There are cases where we need to pass the input parameter to the stored procedure as a comma-separated string in order to avoid multiple db calls from happening. This helps in reducing the db calls thereby reducing the load on the db server. The below function will split the given comma-separated string into integers and…

  • Measure SQL Server Replication Latency

    This script can be used to measure Latency in your Replication Subsystem. This script does not use TRACER TOKENS and there would be no negative impact to the system’s performance.

  • Change Transfer Schema for all Objects

    In my working environment we will be using different schema for production and development environments. Our development apps are configured to Dev schema and Production apps are configured to Prod schema, so when we restore the db from production to development environment, all our dev apps stopped working since the objects securable will be using…

  • Monitoring Replication using Scripts(Version 1.0)

    This script can be used to monitor replication using scripts instead of logging into the server and using replication monitor. It gives information on Transactional replication status.