Category: Performance Tunning

  • SQL Server 2012 Performance Dashboard Report

    Performance dashboard is developed for SQL Server 2005 which provides useful information about the server, in simple it will give you an performance overview of entire SQL Server. If you worked with SQL Server 2005 then you might be familiar with this tool. Unfortunately they didn’t provide or updated the tool to work with SQL […]

  • Performance View on INNER JOIN and OUTER JOIN

    Hope you guys are getting ready for Diwali Festival :-). Before you guys start with the festival event I thought of writing an article on performance.  Couple of days ago one of the developer came to me and said he was using  an INNER join in his query and he is getting delay in results, […]

  • What’s new in DTA – SQL Server 2012

    DTA stands for Database Tuning Advisor which has introduced from SQL Server 2005. This utility helps the end user to tune their query and give them suggestions for better performance. It takes T-SQL query or profiler trace as workload, based on this it will analyze and give you the recommendation. Now in SQL Server 2012 […]

  • Biggest sql server event

    One of the Biggest SQL Server Events in Chennai — Click Here for more information

  • How to do Table Partitioning to an existing source table

    In this article we are going to see how to partition a existing table in a database. In my working place I got a request from client to partition an existing table, I have searched in BOL but couldnt find the exact detail how to do it. Ive figured out that and Implemented successfully, Im […]