Author: Sugeshkumar Rajendran

  • Measure SQL Server Replication Latency

    This script can be used to measure Latency in your Replication Subsystem. This script does not use TRACER TOKENS and there would be no negative impact to the system’s performance.

  • Monitoring Replication using Scripts(Version 1.0)

    This script can be used to monitor replication using scripts instead of logging into the server and using replication monitor. It gives information on Transactional replication status.

  • Adding article to existing publication without generating a full snapshot

    This SP can be used to add articles to the existing publication without starting snapshot for all the tables. When Snapshot is started it will create snapshot only for the newly added article to the publication

  • The Unhealthy Argument

    This post of mine is 100 percent a personal opinion and was written not to hurt anyone. Off late, I have been hearing or knowing incidents which have involved 2 or more persons going into an argument on deciding which technology is the best is it WINDOWS or UNIX, ORACLE or SQL SERVER, .Net or…