Author: Deepak

  • Temp table VS Table variable

    Most of the SQL Developers/DBA would have come across a situation where they need to store the temporary result sets. This is where Temp tables and Table variables come into effect and helps in storing the data sets in a temporary location.

  • How to Move mirrored database files

    The following article describes how to move the database files of a mirrored database to a new location without any downtime. Basically I have the following scenario:

  • Index Fragmentation in SQL Server 2005

    Index fragmentation is a phenomenon where the index contents are scattered. Normally the contents are in contiguous fashion which helps in fast retrieval of the underlying data. When the indexes are fragmented the data access becomes time consuming because of the scattered data that needs to be searched and read.

  • SQL Server 2005 Best Practices

    This article lists the best practices for SQL Server 2005

  • Query tuning steps

    Most of the DBAs new to query tuning would wonder where to start in order to tune a query. I hope this article would probably guide them in understanding the steps to begin with.