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  • T-SQL Script to find the names of the StoredProcedure that has used dynamic SQL

    This article has the script that will be useful to find the names of the  Stored procedure that has used dynamic sql within the definition of the Stored procedure . In this post , I am creating a sample database with four stored procedures to show an example on how the script works :

  • xSQL Data Compare for SQL Server – Version 4

    The xSQL Data Compare tool has proved extremely useful for database administrators who are required to compare, replicate and generate data using an SQL Server database. It is already widely used throughout the world, but there is now an updated version available, version 4, which promises to offer a number of improvements.

  • January 2012 UG Scheduled

    First of all Happy new year to everyone. Hope it should be a good start for everyone. We have planned user group meeting this month. Going to start with fresh look on SQL Server Denali aka SQL Server 2012. SQL Server 2012 is expected to reach market by this year, so this month topic is…

  • October 2011 UG Scheduled

    Diwali Season Starts now.. We have planned session for this month before Diwali so that you guys are stuffed with information before going for festival. Session details are below

  • September 2011 UG Scheduled

    Next session is ready for this month. We skipped last month as we had a session on first week of August so lets have a wonderful UG this time