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  • SPARSE Column

    Happy New Year My dear Friends It’s  been a long this feature has been released however I just got an opportunity to check it out. This feature is released in SQL Server 2008 version. Sparse columns are normal columns which will store NULL values in a optimized storage which means no storage space is taken […]

  • Deploying Data Tier Application (DAC) Package

    Last week I wrote an article for Creating DAC packages. Today I’m going to cover how to deploy a DAC package. It’s very easy  for the DBA’s to deploy the DAC in few clicks that means in few clicks database implementation will get completed, it’s as simple as like that. I’m going to use the […]

  • Creating a Data Tier Application (DAC) Package

    In previously article I’ve covered what is DAC package and how it helps during deployment. In this article I’m going we are going to see how can we create a new data tier application (DAC) package for deployment. All SQL Server related objects can be included in this package for deployment, this includes both database […]

  • Script to Retrieve Security Information SQL Server 2005 and above

    In my working environment I’ve asked to write a script to find security information which should return Server Logins, Database Logins and object level permissions. I’ve written that and I’m sharing this to you since this could be helpful to you.

  • How to change Server Collation in SQL Server 2008

    In this article we are going to discuss about changing SQL Server 2008 collation at serverlevel. While installing SQL Server 2008 we may miss to choose the right collation and we need to rectify this by changing the collation at serverlevel. You can change the collation of sql server without uninstalling. Lets discuss the necessary […]