T-SQL Script to find the names of the StoredProcedure that has used dynamic SQL

This article has the script that will be useful to find the names of the  Stored procedure that has used dynamic sql within the definition of the Stored procedure . In this post , I am creating a sample database with four stored procedures to show an example on how the script works :

Find Indexed column details in a database

I was looking for a script to find out the indexed column details as part of our migration. I tried to use sp_helpindex however it requires a object name which means you can find details for only one table at a time. My requirement is to get details about all indexed columns across the database […]

Script to CHECK Startup procedures in SQL Server

Today while checking a server for SQL Server startup performance issue, Im in thought of listing the startup procedures and to analyze those procedures for any issues. But when I Googled & I couldn’t find any script to list out the startup procedures, hence Ive written a script to list the startup procedures. Im sharing […]