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  • Configuring Alerts to Notify Policy deviations in Policy Based Management

    In this article we are going to configure alerts for policy management. Alerts are triggered when a violation takes place in a particular policy that uses any of the three automated evaluation mode. Each of these evaluation mode will return an error number starting with 340*. You can use these alerts to notify either policy […]

  • How to work with Policy Based Management (PBM)

    In my previous article on policy based management Ive gone through what is policy based management and how it helps administration. Lets discuss about how to work with policy based management i.e. how to create a policy and implement it. To work with a policy we need to first create a condition and we need […]

  • Policy Based Management (PBM)

    Introduction: Policy based management is one of the new feature added from SQL Server 2008. With the help of this feature you can evaluate an instance or database or objects to bound with in certain conditions policies. If any of the objects or instances failed to bound with in the policy then it can either […]