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  • SQL Server 2012 Performance Dashboard Report

    Performance dashboard is developed for SQL Server 2005 which provides useful information about the server, in simple it will give you an performance overview of entire SQL Server. If you worked with SQL Server 2005 then you might be familiar with this tool. Unfortunately they didn’t provide or updated the tool to work with SQL…

  • Capture SQL Performance Counters through TSQL

    Performance counters are useful to gather information about server status and we can analyze the server status later using these data. In my environment one of my client is not ready to pay or buy metrics tools (normally we will be using BMC, HP etc). Our windows team has written they own custom scripts to…

  • Performance Counters

    Few of my friends who wish to do a performance tuning in their servers, they asked me what are the counters that they should check that gave me an idea to prepare this document and publish across.