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Batch Script to Deploy Multiple SQL files (Version 2)

I took very long break to keep the site up to date with my learning. Few years back I wrote an article to deploy multiple scripts using batch files. Refer http://sql-articles.com/scripts/batch-script-to-deploy-multiple-sql-files/ for the older version in command prompt. Thanks for all the users and lot of comments for improvements. Continue reading Batch Script to Deploy Multiple SQL files (Version 2)

SSIS 2014 Execution Error while validating Script Component

It’s been so long after my last article. Looks like I been lazy for few years now 🙂

I assume lot of people using  SSIS package deployment utility after they support project deployment model. I always use the ispac for easier deployment though it doesn’t support environments variables in deployment. Today we deployed a project to our environment which contains new package and no modifications to the existing packages were made. New package worked fine but some of the old packages started failing, I checked internal versions of the package and couldn’t find any changes. Errors were happening in Script Task. Continue reading SSIS 2014 Execution Error while validating Script Component

Batch script to deploy multiple SQL files

I was working on a project where I’m supposed to deploy lots of SQL Server script files (.sql). It’s very tedious job either to manually execute or to write a batch script each time when the deployment moves to another environment. So I decided to write a batch script which should be dynamic in nature so that I can easily use this script across any SQL Script files.

Same script is rewritten using powershell, check http://sql-articles.com/scripts/powershell/batch-script-to-deploy-multiple-sql-files-version-2/ for updated version

Update Date : 29-Apr-2018

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DAC – Data Tier Applications

This is one of the new feature released with SQL Server 2008 R2. I know it’s late to cover this topic. It has greater flexibility and easy of implementation for database perspective. I could say it’s a build which has all database & instance level objects for implementation, just run the build and get the database work done, just simple like that. I’m not sure why Microsoft chosen same acronym for Data tier applications as DAC is also know as Dedicated Administrator Connection, lets not dig into it, only Microsoft can answer!!

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