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Installing SQL Server 2012

This might be a simple article for the intermediate folks, however I would like to show you the screen’s in SQL Server 2012 installation. As far as I know the setup is similar to the one which we did for SQL Server 2008 R2, there are some additions to the installation part. Before jumping into the installation lets see the add-ons related to installation.

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CHOOSE Function – SQL Server Denali

SQL Server Denali comes with one more new logical function which helps to pull data at the specified index from a list of values. CHOOSE() is the function that’s been added. Again this function exists in Access , so if you migrate the db from Access there is no need to rewrite your query using CASE statement. In simple this function is a short form of CASE statement.

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IIF function – SQL Server Denali

IIF function is new to SQL Server Denali however if you worked with MS Access then you are familiar with this function. So if you are upgrading a database from Access to SQL Server Denali you don’t need to worry about rewriting the IIF function queries. IIF function will evaluate the expression and it will return one value out of two input values. This function is similar to CASE function however you can evaluate the expression for two values and not more than that.

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