Recent Objects – Without Triggers

I was thinking about writing a script to capture the objects that were either CREATED/DELETED or MODIFIED in the last 24hrs. Instead of directly querying the sys.objects I from where I can only get minimal information I decided to get a whole bunch of useful information using the SQL Server default trace.

By default the default trace will be running in all the SQL Servers since SQL 2005 onwards. It will capture minimal information without overloading the database. It will be placed in the same location as that of the SQL Server errorlog. The maximum file size is 20MB after which the trace will roll over into a new file. However, SQL Server can maintain only the 5 most recently created trace files. In addition a new trace file is generated whenever SQL Server is restarted.


SQL Server 2005 Default trace

The Default Trace is implemented to audit certain events in the system. To verify if the default trace is running, run following query: