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  • Configuring Data Compression

    In this article we are going to configure Data compression in SQL Server 2008. Configuring data compression is very easy with just an couple of steps. The steps are below Estimate the Compression Ratio (Optional) Configure Data Compression

  • Types of Data Compression

    In my previous article we have seen the need for compression, goal of compression etc. In this article we are going to discuss the types of compression supported in SQL Server 2008. There are two types of compression supported and they are Row Level Compression and Page Level Compression Lets discuss on each compression type

  • Data Compression

    In Part1 article Ive described the need for compression in SQL Server and also gave a brief on Compression enhancement overview. As a next step, in this article Im going to describe the existing compression techniques, overview of basic compression techniques and goal of compression. Now the questions hits your mind is, why do we…

  • Data Compression

    Data compression is an enhanced feature available in SQL Server 2008. Database compression in SQL Server is introduced with SQL Server 2005 SP2 onwards where we have the capability to compress VARDECIMAL data type. This compression works when the actual value is less than the declared value, all the remaining values will be removed there…

  • Backup compression in SQL Server 2008

    Introduction Backup compression is one of the feature expected by every administrator to minimize the backup size and to squeeze the time taken for backup. In previous versions of SQL Server most of us are going for 3rd party tools like Quests Litespeed, Redgates SQL Backup etc. for which we need to pay additional amount.…