Issues restoring SQL Azure bacpac due to QueryStoreStaleQueryThreshold

In our environment we have inhouse and SQL Azure databases. We will be refreshing the DEV environments weekly once from the production SQL Azure databases. As you know backups are taken care by Azure itself, so we can simply add the storage in our inhouse server and extract it as data tier application.


Backup Report

I was working on one the project and they were looking for a backup report which should specify whether it’s physical or logical and few more details. Whatever data I fetched looks good and I felt the same can be helpful for you guys to pull it as a report. If you need any more additions to it please let me know.


Troubleshoot backup restore issues with trace flag 3004

I faced an issue during restoration of very large db in our development database server. Issue is restoration takes very long time even though we had latest hardware and recent version of SQL Server (it’s SQL 2008 Ent. Ed). So to troubleshoot it I have used the trace flag 3004 which print all internal things happen during backup and restoration operation.


How Much Memory is Needed Taken for My Database Backup

In this article I will try and cover the concepts in understanding the amount of memory or buffers required for completing a database backup. I would be using a couple of trace flags to get that detail and further discuss two of the parameters MAXTRANSFERSIZE and BUFFERCOUNT in the BACKUP DATABASE TSQL syntax which will help us understand a bit more about memory consumption for a database backup and time involved in completing the backup.


Backup SQL Database to Remote location

Does the title sounds crazy? You might think that this topic is very simple? Yes you are right however some folks still raise this question in forums. Im seeing this question for for a long time in forums and thought of sharing the solution here, so that the folks can give a search to get this (coz Google is our first techie teacher or instant solution provider :P).