AWE option no longer available in SQL Server 2012

AWE (Addressing Windows Extension) is one of the know server configuration to everyone. This parameter allows SQL Server to access large amount of memory in 32 bit machines. However MS decided to depreciate this configuration in SQL Server 2012 (Denali) . I hope this is the first step towards depreciating all 32 bit SQL server editions. So if you are using this setting in your current environment then you need to be careful while upgrading it to SQL Server 2012.

Performance Tunning

Memory Management in SQL Server


I have heard people asking me how SQL Server manages memory. The answer to this was very difficult with SQL Server earlier versions. And with SQL Server 2005 it has been simpler to explain and understand. SQL Server by default installation manages memory dynamically and has settings that it can well negotiate with the operating system for the need of memory. Let us look into the depth of the SQL Server memory management.


Check if /3GB is configured or not

This script is used to check whether the 3gb switch is configured or not in the boot.ini file. This script is applicable for SQL server 2005 and above.