Startup procedure to check SQL Server status when restarted

I’ve written a startup procedure to check SQL Server status when the SQL Server gets restarted. Most of the time as a DBA when a Server gets rebooted or SQL Services is restarted we need to make sure everything is fine in SQL server to make sure SQL server is running healthy. Some companies will have budget to buy a monitoring tool, so that all these things will be taken care by that tool. This small procedure will help the DBA’s to know the status of SQL Server in HTML format through mail when it’s restarted.


Configure DB Mail Profile in SQL Agent for Automated Alerts

In the recent times I have seen so many people asking the same question in MSDN forums on how do I activate database mail for the use of SQL server agent alerts system. So I am taking a chance to document it by using screen shots which can help others.

Normally what the newbies tending to do is, once they configured database mail they expect the SQL agent to use it for alerting purposes. To be clear on this part we should make sql server agent to use any one of the configured mail profiles of database mail system otherwise the agent is not going to use them