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SSIS Error Code 0xC02092B4

I was working on a SSIS package in SQL 2014 which was working there without any issues. Due to few factors we need to downgrade to work in SQL Server 2008 R2 for few months. I developed the packages in SQL 2008 BIDS and deployed. No changes done to any of the database objects as I thought I’m going to use the same in my package as well. Continue reading SSIS Error Code 0xC02092B4

SQL 2012 DTA Engine Crashes on Windows 8


Some time back I wrote an article on the new feature that’s added to SQL Server 2012 DTA (database tuning advisor). I have installed SQL Server 2012 on Windows 8 operating system. When I started testing plan cache analysis using DTA , it crashes abruptly with the error message below Continue reading SQL 2012 DTA Engine Crashes on Windows 8

Troubleshoot backup restore issues with trace flag 3004

I faced an issue during restoration of very large db in our development database server. Issue is restoration takes very long time even though we had latest hardware and recent version of SQL Server (it’s SQL 2008 Ent. Ed). So to troubleshoot it I have used the trace flag 3004 which print all internal things happen during backup and restoration operation.

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Suppress Backup information in Errorlog

After a long gap Im writing a article. This article is all about suppressing successful backup information into errorlog. Let me explain my scenario, In my working environment we have a production SQL Server with 60+ databases, all the databases are set to full recovery and data loss is accepted only for 15 min. Yeah you got me, we are taking Full backup daily, differential every 4 hours and transaction log backup every 15 min, there is no problem with the backup. We have one thing that is messing our error log, whenever a backup is taken by default SQL Server will write the detail to the errorlog as shown below.

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DotNet 3.5 on Windows 7 to Install SQL Server 2008

This is a quick post to install or enable .Net 3.5 on windows 7. Last couple of weeks Im seeing more questions on installing SQL Server 2008 in windows 7 and the users are unable to install SQL Server 2008 pre-requisite (.Net 3.5 ). To Install SQL Server 2008, windows installer 4.5 & .Net 3.5 is required. Windows installer 4.5 is installed and enabled by default, .Net 3.5 is included in windows features, so you can directly go there and turn on .Net 3.5, windows 7 will automatically install this. To turn on .Net 3.5 in Windows 7 just follow the steps below

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